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21 Oct

Why you’ll love our new exhibition

Did you know that the huge blocks of Kaomati are part of the limestone middle terrace originally formed underwater? This layer was deposited on a gently sloping volcanic rock “hill.” As the middle terrace emerged from the sea, the subsequent dehydration and weight of the limestone layer on the hill resulted in fracturing and the great blocks were formed.

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Discover more in our new exhibition that gives an overview of the rich heritage of the most interesting sights of the Rincon area like Kaomati, Porta Spaño and Bototé. It also sheds light on the unique indigenous flora and fauna of Bonaire.

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With an Early Bird Ticket of $ 10,- you’ll not only support this project but you’ll also be one of the firsts to discover objects and photographs that have rarely been displayed. The new exhibition will be especially open in the weekend of Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of October from 9 am to 4 pm. Surprise a friend or a colleague and bring a family member as well.

To order tickets you can send us an email on  or give us a call on 786-2101. You can also buy a ticket at the park. We are located on the east side road of the village of Rincon.

See, feel & taste the culture of Bonaire

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