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13 Oct

Check out our new exhibition

Did you know a slave could purchase his freedom back then?  An ordinary worker costs about 300 guilders, a craftsman under 22 years old about 430 guilders, but one could also pay in kind.  For example, there was a 26 years old slave who redeemed himself for 45 goats, and another slave of 54 years old traded 25 bushels of corn for freedom.1st side_Mangazina resizedDiscover more in our new exhibition that gives an overview of the rich heritage of the most interesting sights of the Rincon area like Kaomati, Porta Spaño and Bototé. It also sheds light on the unique indigenous flora and fauna of Bonaire.

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With an Angel Card of $ 25,- you’ll not only support this project  but you’ll  also get to participate in the grand opening event that  will take place on  Friday 23rd of October from 7 to 9 pm  at Mangazina di Rei. In the  typical cultural ambiance of  Mangazina di Rei you’ll get a little behind the  scenes and the opportunity to exchange with the experts that helped  create  this exhibition.

To order tickets you can send us an email on  or  give us a call on 786-2101. We  hope to see you at the opening!

 See, feel & taste the culture of Bonaire

The Mangazina di Rei Team

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