About Us

Madam Edith Strauss-Marsera (ex-minister of Development), Sir Boi  Antoin (historian and journalist) and Sir Evert Piar (formal bank director) found themselves troubled in the nineties to see important heritage get lost while elders and young people were left with nothing to do.

In the old storehouse Mangazina di Rei  they find an unique historic building surrounded by beautiful nature. Residents could keep their heritage alive here while sharing their knowledge and experience. Young people could develop their talents and tourist could enjoy cultural experiences. A project of this magnitude could mean a wonderful contribution to the development of the area of Rincon.

To achieve these goals they founded the Mangazina di Rei foundation in 1996. The foundation now runs a cultural park & learning centre where people come together for exchange, cultural experience, education and  vocational training.

Mangazina di Rei Board

The people behind the foundation
F.l.t.r. Sr. Antoin, Sr. Piar, Mme. Strauss-Marsera, Sr. Crestian and Sr. Vriend

In the coming years Mangazina di Rei would like to develop the cultural park & learning centre into a public attraction with more recreational and educational facilities.